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Laminate Veneer

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Laminate Veneer

Porcelain Laminate Veneers?

This treatment is used to improve the appearance of the teeth’s anterior region and generate an appealing appearance. Other treatment options include treating staining, crowding, and proportioning and straightening of disproportionate teeth. The sort of treatment we perform in this process is bonding, which involves ceramic materials to give the patient an aesthetically pleasing appearance. It’s a cutting-edge method for preserving the tooth’s aesthetic appeal. Laminate veneers have similar features with tooth composition.

Why Should I Prefer Porcelain Laminate Veneer Treatment?

Color, shape, and dental problems that affect anybody can, of course, be fixed. Well, can these disorders be fixed with Laminate Veneer? Yes, of course. In addition to these complaints, treatment will also be a solution to different dental problems. These may be filling the spaces between the teeth or correcting the crowding in the teeth. We recommend this method to our patients because it is both an alternative and a time advantage. Because a laminate veneer may be applied on teeth in 7 to 8 days.

Is Laminate Veneer Treatment Painful?

Your teeth will be anesthetized during the procedure. Therefore, you will not feel pain during the procedure. When a temporary laminate is placed, it is possible to develop sensitivity.