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Transparent Brace Invisalign


Transparent Brace Invisalign

şeffaf plak tedavisi küçükçekmece sefaköy, sefaköy şeffaf plak tedavisi, küçükçekmece şeffaf plak tedavisiTransparent braces are a safe and effective orthodontic treatment option with a 20-year past history. Transparent braces cannot be seen from the outside. They can be easily put on and taken off when desired. It is a painless orthodontic treatment method. In contrast to metal braces, transparent braces do not cause pain or discomfort.



When Does Transparent Brace Treatment Start?

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Transparent braces are made in around two weeks after the Specialist Orthodontist takes the measurements. This includes the time it takes to enter the information into the computer and the time it takes to prepare the molds.

People can easily remove and insert the brace themselves. People use the transparent brace as a routine part of their daily life.

What are the Advantages of Transparent Brace Orthodontic Treatment?

sefaköy şeffaf plak tedavisi, küçükçekmce şeffaf plak tedavisiTransparent Braces has many advantages over braces. All steps to be taken are primarily determined in three-dimensional simulations.
They are quite opaque and have a pleasing appearance. When looked from the outside, it is difficult to see if the user is being treated.